Covid-19 Service Protocols

For Your Safety


      BlingLash is practicing the highest level of sanitation practices.


Here are:

  -All our staff and Guests will be required to wear a "Mask" all the time.

 - We are cleaning and disinfecting all our beds and surrounding areas with disinfecting spray before and after the service.

-We are checking Temperatures of all our staff and guests to make sure you're good and healthy with our "Touchless Temperature Gauge".

 - We also use " UV Disinfecting Light", which helps to kill germs and bacteria.

  - We use the Nonwoven Disposable bedsheet and on top we use additional disposable paper bedroll.

  - All our tools are sanitized right after one use per client.

  - All our staff use sanitizer and also Wash their hands frequently before, during, and after the service.

  - We are maintaining social distancing so we are serving clients keeping 6ft distance.

  - We have installed "Hanging Sneeze Guard shield" on top of each bed and also in the front desk for the safety of our staff and clients.

  - We make sure we have our salon's windows open all the time so that we get fresh airflow throughout.

All our staffs are regularly tested for COVID19 every two weeks.

Health and Safety Equipment

Digital Non-contact Infrared

We make sure to take Temperatures of our staffs, clients and all the other people who visit our salon, to make sure they're good and healthy with our "Touchless Temperature Gauge".

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Ceiling Hanging Sneeze Guard Shield

We have installed protective arcylic hanging sneeze shield which safeguard while working on clients. It satys in between staff and client during the procedure.

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UV Sanitizer

We use UV Light Sanitizer tool which is used to deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease.

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Sterilizing Machine

We use Sterilizing machine to sanitize and clean all our the lash tools. All the lash extension tools are one time use per client only and after use we throw them inside the sterilizing machine to get clean and disfect.

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